After selecting the shipping methods, we will present the data so that you can make the payment via ATM. For your convenience, these payment details will also be sent to your email.


The faster you make the payment the sooner you will receive your order. You have a maximum of 72 hours to proceed with payment. After this period, if you have not made the payment, your order will be automatically canceled.


The expected delivery date is conditioned by the date on which the payment is made. There may be an increase of up to 4 more business days, depending on when the payment is made.

Refunds for online purchases made via ATM reference are made via Bank Transfer. Contact us at, sending the IBAN where the refund should be made.

Buy online 100% SAFE and FAST! with your phone!

With MB WAY you can associate your bank cards with your mobile phone number and thus make purchases through your smartphone or tablet.

How to make a purchase on with MB WAY: Find out more here

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The most accepted online payment method worldwide. It allows you to manage payments from your personal computer or via your smartphone.

Through a login this form of payment is very simple and secure. This way you will never need to enter your credit card details on multiple websites again.

Find out how to open a Paypal account in just 2 minutes:


The expected date of delivery of the order is conditioned by the good reception of the payment, so you should consider at least +2 days on the expected date of delivery of your order if you choose this form of payment. In case of payment not made within 72 hours after the moment of purchase, the order will be canceled.

Make the bank transfer to the IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45555636005 05 or NIB: 0033.0000.45555636005.05

Send proof of transfer to the email: with an indication of the order number in the subject of the email or place this same number in the description of the bank transaction.

You can send, for example, one of the following documents:

    • IBAN Multibanco Proof;

    • IBAN Homebanking Proof;

Refunds for online purchases made via Bank Transfer are made in the same way. Contact us by email:, sending the IBAN to where the refund should be made.

In case of doubt contact: